Engineer Prints

Photos are reproduced on heavy duty architectural paper by an Oregon printer with which we work closely. These prints have amazing detail, a slight texture and great feel to them. And because the art is hung from handcrafted, reclaimed wood hangers and not behind glass, they almost have an almost personal quality.

**Please note: These prints are not meant to hang in the sun or get wet. If left too long in a sunny spot, they will fade...which, might look pretty cool depending on your taste. Also not meant to hang outside. They will fly, fly away.

The work can also be printed on canvas, which is UV safe and can be hung in the same manner as the engineer prints shown or as a traditional wrapped canvas. Just let us know if you're interested and we'll email over options and pricing.



Reclaimed wood print hangers

Similar to a traditional map hanger, each rail has powerful inlaid magnets that firmly hold your print in place without damaging the art. Each hanger includes 4 pieces (two on top and two on bottom) that snap together and hanging the print only takes a couple minutes.

We source all the wood ourselves and the hangers are built by hand, in our shop here in Nehalem, OR.