The Hoh - Engineer Print

The Hoh - Engineer Print

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I've fished from a very young age and am most drawn to rivers. Especially rivers that are still wild and have runs of anadromous fish. The Hoh is one of those places. A good portion of it is protected and still has large stands of huge old growth cedar, spruce and doug fir. Every time I come here, I can't help but think that just 150 years ago the entire Pacific Northwest looked like this, and almost every one of these rivers was filled with salmon and steelhead.

Engineer prints are photos that are reproduced on heavy duty architectural paper. These prints have amazing detail, a slight texture and great feel to them.

**Please note - I hand select each type of wood for the rails to pair well with the print of your choice. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process - seeking out and finding interesting and used lumber for each project.  This gives each finished piece a unique feel and no two are exactly alike. And, while every piece is chosen for it's beauty and function, sometimes because I am giving new life to old lumber,  rails might have minimal blemishes or old nail holes.

Custom orders always available.

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